The Hat City this and the Hat City that but no hats to be found. Enough is enough with the talk about hats unless we are going to do something about it. Why don't we make hats anymore? I have no idea but I'll guess that they are made in China for way less than we can make them here. This would not be the first time an industry dried up in America for that reason but there's always a solution for that, make the world's best hats, hats so good no one wants junk hats from China.

Hat ideas:

  • Top hats - They say fashion is cyclical, if that's true we are WAY overdue for a top hat cycle.
  • COVID-19 Hat/mask hybrids - We are seeing it everywhere now, new and inventive face masks to protect us from the pandemic but no one has rolled out a hat/mask hybrid.
  • Spring loaded pickle hats - It's a hat with a pickle on top whose foundation is a spring that way it wiggles when you walk.
  • Digital hat - This hat plays the latest viral Youtube video on loop.
  • Aroma hat - This hat creates smells. There are wide array of available scents you can produce based on your mood.
  • Tin foil hat - As far as I know, no one has created a high quality tin foil hat to protect our brains from alien messages. Most of these tin foil hats are homemade, fail or break easily allowing the aliens to infiltrate your thoughts.

This is just a start, like T-shirt ideas, I never run out of hat ideas. I will NOT listen to one more person refer to Danbury as the Hat City if we are not going to nut up and throw our hat back in the ring on the hat game. Whose coming with me?

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