November 30th is "Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day." The holiday was started and copyrighted by the company Wellcat. The idea is to call in "well" to work and take the day off. I learned of the obscure holiday from the folks at Holiday Insights who caution people who are going to try this, they write:

We recommend you use extreme caution and good judgment. Following the concept of this day could get you a reprimand or cost you  your job. Participating in this day might not be the right thing for you to do. Have a happy Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day.

The nerve, the unmitigated gall to attempt this. I don't like when people call in sick when they are sick, let alone calling in "well." If you ever try this, I hope you get fired on the spot. I actually wish I was an employer and one of my employees called in "well."

I'd have the best time of my life firing that person and I'd be super mean about it. The kind of person who calls in "well" is likely already hanging onto their employment by a very thin thread.

I would fire that person so hard and would not stop firing them until they floated away in a river of their own tears. I'd hire one of their relatives as their replacement and then I'd fire that person the next day. Next up, I'd hire someone to replace that person who looks like the first person and fire their ass the next day.

What happened to America and when did we become a doughy pile of lazy a-holes? This is not the way and I want no part of anyone who is cool with this. We are never catching up to China this way, never.

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