It's a money thing! The Wall Street Journal has reported that ALL Christmas Tree Shops throughout the country, including the four in Connecticut, will close their doors due to a possible bankruptcy dissolution.

The Wall Street Journal stated, "The complete liquidation is coming on the heels of a financial snafu in which the chain took out a $45 million bankruptcy loan that creditors have since terminated after it defaulted on the terms due to worsening revenues." There are 70 Christmas Tree Shops throughout the United States.

If you're a newbie to the Christmas Tree Shops, their product line runs the gamut from furniture to seasonal decor, housewares to gifts, food and drinks to paper and party goods. The four stores in Connecticut that will be closing are in Danbury, Orange, Manchester, and Waterford, although there's no time frame for their closing. I know you've been waiting for the "6 Things You Didn't Know About The Christmas Tree Shops." Let's do it, with thanks to

** It started as a summertime Christmas gift shop in Cape Cod in a barn in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts, in the 1950s.

** The owners lived right above it...

** There's a reason for that extra "s." The original location was made up of a trio of buildings.

** Most of the New England locations are designed to embrace the charm of old buildings.

** The name is misleading now because, for the most part, it's become a discount store.

** Bed Bath & Beyond bought the company in 2003 for $200 million and, through the years, expanded it nationwide. 

If the news about the closing of the Christmas Tree Shops has ruined your day, simply drive to a Danbury Dollar Tree or  Family Dollar store. They're one and the same.

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