Sorry for the photo. That's not helping our cause in the least. Yes, kiss a ginger day was started up back in 2009 to oppose the Facebook campaign called: "kick a ginger." That's right, that was a real thing.

You people wonder where my anger comes from. We are literally the last group of people on Planet Earth that you can get away with making fun of. You make fun of a ginger, everyone has a laugh and goes about their day. No one is forced to apologize, no one loses their job over the joke, it's just all fun and games and do you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. We don't need your fake apology or your pity. We will just steal yo girl.

So if you know and love a ginger, go find them right now, grab em' by the back of the head and lay one on em'. See where the afternoon takes you. You might even like it. There is no better kisser than a ginger.

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