I know it’s only the beginning of November, and we’ve still got another month and a half before winter officially starts. But we’ve already had our first snowfall and today’s temperatures are only going to be around 40 for the high. We might as well start getting used to the idea of winter now. So, I decided to put together a list of things about winter that aren’t all that bad. You know, to make myself feel better about what’s about to happen. Sadly, I could only come up with 5 things. But that’s better than nothing.

5 Winter Things That Don't Suck

So, that’s all I could think of. If you love winter sports your list might be longer than mine. If you love driving in the bad weather, shoveling, freezing and piling on layers of clothes your list might be longer than mine. But for me, 5 is all I’ve got. Happy almost winter.


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