Bad news for Dutchess, Westchester, Orange, and Ulster counties. From 2009 until 2014, these counties had the most heroin related deaths in New York State.

The Southeast-Brewster Patch reports on the highest rate for heroin-related overdose fatalities came from Dutchess county at 5.5%. The statistics were taken from The New York State Opioid Poisoning, Overdose and Prevention report, which also relays the steps that are being taken to fight the heroin issue.

Leading the way in heroin deaths is Suffolk county with 337. Why are heroin deaths so prevalent and rising so rapidly? Heroin is cheap and its effects are immediate. When it enters the brain, it's converted to morphine. Users typically report a feeling of intense pleasurable sensations accompanied by a warm flushing of the skin. After the intense, immediate effects wear off, users remain tired and drowsy for several hours where most bodily functions slow down considerably. When the user becomes alert again, their main goal is to find more.

Why do people try it in the first place? According to, individuals turn to heroin to self medicate because of mental illness, peer pressure, low self esteem, loss of a loved one, to forget about normal life, relationship and money problems. If your life sucks, and has sucked for awhile, heroin brings you that instant hit of intense pleasure, which solves everything for a couple of hours.

Spencer Platt

The good news is that $25 million in new addiction services have been approved in the recently passed New York State budget. I've asked actual heroin addicts about why they use when they know how deadly the long term effects are going to be. Their answer is always the same, "Because of the immediate rush, and it's just better than having to deal with my crappy life."

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