Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down. Kick 'em out when they're just plain stupid.

Don Henley recently ejected a fan from his solo concert on November 7th in Detroit and for good reason. According to MLLive this guy interrupted Henley while he was trying to give guitarist Steuart Smith a well-deserved introduction. The "dumb-dumb" in question was sitting in the front row and started yelling out the name of someone who is guaranteed to make Henley's blood boil - Don Felder.

Felder was fired from the The Eagles in 2001 and has taken some public shots at Henley over the years. Felder, in fact, sued Henley and Glenn Frey for wrongful termination from The Eagles. Earlier this month, Henley accused Felder of being unfair to him and Frey in his memoir Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles. Add the fact that Steuart is the very person who has been Felder's replacement in The Eagles since '01 and you have a topic that is not one you'd want to bring up to Henley in any situation unless you are looking for trouble. That's exactly what this guy got.

To be clear this isn't a Henley vs Felder debate. Whose side you are on in terms of their split isn't the point. This is about plain common sense. My question to this guy who was thrown out is this - Why in God's name would you spend a bunch of money for a front-row seat to see Don Henley and then shout out Don Felder's name? You really have to be an attention-starved zero to do something like that.

It's no surprise, though, that there are those who are putting Henley on the hot seat. I'm reading the usual comments from the Henley haters on Ultimate Classic Rock like "If there was any doubt before now, this should prove that Henley is an ass" and "Don pisspot Henley". Thankfully there are those who take my position on this. One response to the "Henley is an ass" comment was simply "The fan was the ass". Amen brother. Amen.

I guess now that I've gotten that off my chest I should move on. After all, wasn't it Don Henley himself who once sang, "It's all about forgiveness"?

I want to know what you think. Should Henley have thrown the fan out or should he have let him stay?



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