635 days, that's how long Cleveland Browns fans waited for a win. They were partying all over Cleveland last night celebrating this victory over the Jets on Thursday Night Football. Bud Light even launched a promotion ahead of the 2018 season where they would give away free beer to fans when the team finally got that win.

Cleveland is a different kind of town. This fan base has been given the worst you can get from this franchise, so they expect the worst. I mean the team sucks every year, on top of that they actually had their franchise TAKEN AWAY at one point.

At this point in the season they should actually be 3-0. They lost a heart breaker last week to New Orleans and tied the Steelers in week one.

The Browns are 1-1-1 and their fans have every reason to celebrate. Congrats Cleveland, things are looking up!

Of course they did it against the Jets. The Jets, HA.


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