Matt Harvey's last three starts have people getting crazy and saying he could end up in pinstripes. In his last three starts for the Cincinnati Reds Matt Harvey is 3-0 with just 3 earned runs against him. This was enough to get Newsday asking the question will the Yankees trade to get him? In fact they are not the only ones. and MLB Trade Rumors were asking the same question.

Everyone agrees that the Reds got Harvey to flip him and they will likely trade him to the highest bidder. I love a good comeback story as much as the next guy but as a Yankee fan, I want no part of Matt Harvey. This is a circus move and feels a lot more like something the Mets would do rather than the Yankees.

When Harvey was at his best I appreciated the way he played his game. He's a fiery guy with an attitude and I dig that. However the Yankees do not need a guy whose mental game is a question mark and despite his last three starts, it is.

I smell Tiger Woods all over Harvey. Once things went bad, they got worse and worse. I think the NY media affected him and I don't think putting him back in New York's bright lights would be Brian Cashman's best move. Hey Matt, I think Pond would be good for you.

This is NOT the funniest rumor I've heard in baseball recently. The best is that both David Wright and Tim Tebow could be in the lineup for the Mets by September. This will be appointment viewing for me. I've always wondered what "rock bottom" in sports actually looks like and I may finally get to see it.


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