Hi I'd like to make a request please. Yes, I'd like to hear more of those eerie sounds you've been playing for years. Thanks, you guys are awesome, whoever you are. Or should I say whatever you are....

For three and a half decades a radio station located in the middle of a Russian swampland has been broadcasting non-stop sounds that some believe may be coming from those not of the human race. No one knows just who or what is running the station making this sinister-sounding broadcast the subject of a mystery that goes all the way back to the cold war.

It is thought to be the headquarters of a radio station known as “MDZhB”. Anyone in the world can listen no matter you are. All you have to do is tune a radio to the frequency 4625 kHz. As a result of that world-wide reach this mystifying broadcast has garnered the attention of a large group of fans numbering in the tens of thousands. They affectionately call the station "The Buzzer". A catchy name for sure.

"The Buzzer" started broadcasting at the close of the Cold War. Along with the strange sounds heard are also intermittent words and phrases spoken in what appears to be Russian but they don’t seem to make any sense. Words like “dinghy” and “farming specialist” are a few that have been heard. Maybe there's a farming specialist who's a big fan of the station? Perhaps he likes the soothing sounds of "The Buzzer" while he farms.

The common theory among the public is that the station belongs to the Russian military but the Russians have never confirmed it to be true; thus adding to the mystery. There are, of course, the other theories and those get real interesting. One being the station is used to contact aliens. Get Mulder and Scully out of retirement, we've got a brand new X-File.

Another theory is that the station is simply run by ghosts. That's right, ghosts using the signal to communicate to the living. If that's the case they need to bring in i95's Tim Sheehan to come up with a "My Three Songs" about ghosts. The Outlaws "Ghost Riders In The Sky"? How about "Ghostbusters?. There's two.

Whoever or whatever is running this station it definitely manages to make your hair stand on end. Just take a listen:



Yeah that does sound a little creepy. The comments below this video on YouTube are certainly interesting. There are also pretty damn funny ones. One person who goes by the name Blyatimir Cykashka wrote "Still better than Justin Bieber". Now that's hilarious. For the record I agree.

Will we ever get an answer as to who or what is behind this cryptic radio station? Maybe not. If we do I'd like to make a suggestion to the program director. You really need to mix up your playlist guys. You've been playing the same thing over and over for years man. Play some Van Halen will ya?

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