Yes, you read that correctly. A new spa could open in Atkinson, New Hampshire, just over the Massachusetts border outside suburban Boston. It's just waiting for a license but is already causing some buzz.

It's called The Diaper Spa, and according to the website, it's like a nursery for little kids, but for adults who role-play as children and wear diapers. According to The Diaper Spa website, it would be the only physician-owned Diaper Spa in the entire world open to any diaper-wearing adults who seek acceptance, respite, and care in treatment. There's even a bed and breakfast.

Dr. Colleen Ann Murphy, the spa’s owner, says it's a kind of therapy that helps adults process what they suffered during childhood when they were in diapers or just getting out of diapers, and they want to feel that safety before the trauma, according to WHDH Boston.

According to the National Library of Medicine, adult baby-diaper lovers or ABDL are people “who act a voluntary regression to a previous age and/or wear a diaper for psychological reasons.”

However, this spa is making some residents nervous, according to WHDH, where a petition is now circulating to keep the spa from opening. Dr. Murphy understands that people tend to fear anything they don't comprehend, and it's not surprising that this unusual type of treatment seems strange. Still, she hopes people learn to be more accepting of different people.

Company policies on The Diaper Spa website say all potential clients will undergo a screening first, which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Database, and that absolutely no sexual interaction is allowed.

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