I hate myself for being one of these people that follows anyone in the Kardashian clan. I have to finally admit though that I am one of these people. It's ridiculous. They provide nothing to society, they are not talented and they are completely shallow.

However this chick is setting the world ablaze. Physically she is just beautiful head to toe. There is a problem though. The problem is in her eyes. If you have ever taken the time like I recently did to look at her eyes, you already know the problem.

Her eyes are dead, you look into them and see a vacancy. Something should be there, some sort of a signal that she is a person. I just don't see it. I always feel bad for people like that. What is going on in your mind that makes you look you are out of touch with yourself and the world around you? I guess nothing is going on up there. The lights are on but your not home.

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