If you watch enough action movies (I do), you've seen your fair share of brass knuckles on the silver screen but they are not common items in real life.

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That said, there are plenty of online outlets that will sell you brass knuckles but are they legal in Connecticut? The short answer is yes and no, you can own them and keep them in your home or office but you cannot carry them on your person.

According to Allan F. Friedman Criminal Lawyer:

"In Connecticut, there are many statutory restrictions on weapons and guns, and one of them is codified in C.G.S. § 53-206, which makes it illegal to carry certain weapons on your person."

Brass knuckles are considered one of the weapons listed in the statute but there are others like:

  • BB guns of any kind
  • Switchblades or automatic knives with a blade over 1.5"
  • Any knife with a blade over 4" long
  • Police baton or nightstick
  • Martial Arts weapon
  • Stun gun

According to cga.ct.gov, there are exceptions to the dangerous weapons ban that include:

Peace officers pursuing their official duties may carry any of the knives, and the following people may carry knives with a four-inch or longer, edged blade in the circumstances specified:

  • Armed forces members, including guard members and reservists, while on or going to and from duty;
  • Members of military organizations when on parade or going to or coming from a place of assembly;
  • Anyone transporting them as merchandise or for display at an authorized gun or knife show;
  • Anyone transporting them concealed while lawfully removing their household effects from one place or residence to another;
  • Anyone transporting them from his or her residence or business place for repairs or retrieving them after they have been repaired;
  • Hunting, fishing, or trapping licensees for lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping; and
  • Anyone participating in an authorized historic reenactment (CGS § 53-206(b)).

According to a 2021 I-95 article, you can purchase, ship, own, and carry pepper spray in Connecticut. I think brass knuckle tattoos should be illegal unless they are on an attractive ladies hip and buttocks. In that case, carry on.

B.T. DUBS: Amazon sells a wide array of brass knuckles, some as cheap at $9.

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