According to Dov Kleiman of Inside the NFL "Gronk" may be back in uniform this year. Dov tweeted this yesterday.

Dov citing a claim by Mike Freeman who says he has a source who says the Patriots expect Rob back in uniform this year. If you are keeping track it's the 4,000 time since "Gronk" retired that someone claims to have a source who says the retirement is off.

Wouldn't that be the sun shining on the, already blessed life of Tom Brady. At Brady's advanced age he needs to count on the big guns that have helped keep him at the top. Despite Gronkowski's continual injury issues, hes's been one of those guns, the guy still played enough to impact at least two thirds of the teams games each year.

The question is, is it worth it from "Gronk" to come back to football? I think not. What's his upside? I guess he could be Tom Brady's over-sized lap dog for one more season but that's about it.

Rob is already a very rich man and a "brand" that could write his own ticket to a career after football. Gronk can wrestle if he wants, he could be an analyst, he could be an actor in terrible movies or he could just hang out and do nothing.

The road ahead is paved in gold and butt cheeks. The road behind is nothing but nagging injuries, possible concussions and being "Robin" to "Batman." Move on "Gronk" do us all a favor and move on.

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