The 'Poke" is one of the more antiquated Facebook features and it's ALWAYS been confusing. When you get one, you can poke back or say "sup?" Those are really your only two choices. It's just seems like a feature that can really mislead.

If you think about a physical, real world poke, like someone actually pokes you, it means one of two things, you are about to get in a fight or someone wants to diddle you in your diddle spot. If you are poked in the chest, someone is losing a tooth, if you are poked in say the ribs or lower abdomen someone wants to get a look at your ole' "whattya know" part.

In the digital, internet realm a poke can't mean they wanna fight so it means someone wants to sex you or they wanna get your attention but don't know what to say. If they want to get your attention but don't actually have anything to say, this still means they wanna have sex with you.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is nothing inherently sexual about the social media poke, maybe it's just a cute hello. UNLESS it happens between the hours of 11:49 pm and 4:43 am. What you got there is a "Hey, whattya wearing" poke.

If you think I am crazy, let's try a social experiment. Go poke a ton of your friends right now. You will get a few really confused responses and likely piss off a few people. Report back to me with the best responses.

P.S. If the poke is sexual, I have a lot of dudes who wanna make it with me.

P.S. #2 - It's actually not that easy to find the poke feature if you have not been poked recently. If you type poke into the search bar it should come up.

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