My Lord Connecticut, there's an obnoxious amount of roadwork going on already, and it's only April 21. I realize it was a mild winter, did that make you millers and pavers extra anxious to get out and chew every road? Do you have to do them all at once?

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I've never seen more roads being worked on, like ever? There was a backup on Rt. 8 in Litchfield. Litchfield! That's almost as rare as a tax reduction. A half-mile delay, even with the light volume of Northern Connecticut. If you take a travel lane out, it hurts anywhere lately. Driving 202 from Torrington to Brookfield 5 days a week, I've been through at least 4-5 construction zones on my way home. In fairness, there were a couple of cable company employees running fiber in a few spots.

Driving through Waterbury was an adventure yesterday, I had to go into downtown to the St. Mary's hospital area, and had to navigate around Jarjura's due to a road getting chewed up. Jump onto 84 West, and there's a dead stop from the Mixmaster work. I'm lucky too, I don't have to sit in anything on my way to work at 4:30AM, it's just on my way back.

I understand that any roadwork is progress, and the end result is worth any stupid minor inconvenience that I've mentioned here. I guess I'm used to major projects constantly going on? I'm just seeing so many town roads getting makeovers. Anyway, thanks, potholes are bad.

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