Here's some breaking news for you: If you've never been to Connecticut, the one restaurant that you cannot miss is Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. Oh, wait, that's not breaking news? It's news that everyone around here kind of knows already?

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According to's 'The One Can't Miss Restaurant in Every State', Connecticut's 'Can't miss restaurant' is the New Haven Pepe's. Pepe's, again. Connecticut's identity is New Haven pizza. Deservedly so? In a way, think back to the first time you had an original tomato pie. But since we're at the point of Pepe's oversaturation, haven't you noticed that there are a lot of talented pizza makers out there? A large cheese from Colony Grill wouldn't blow someone away from Arkansas? A slice of cupped pepperoni from Domenic's & Vinnie's isn't worth the 4 hour drive from Atlantic City?

I guess what I'm trying to think out is what does Connecticut have restaurant-wise that the rest of the US doesn't? I dare you to drive more than 100 miles anywhere in the US and not find someone making pizza. Connecticut's restaurant scene excels at diversity. African cuisine? Go to New Haven, Turkish restaurant? Waterbury has that. Vietnamese? Oh there's probably 6 of them in Fairfield County alone.

I love Pepe's, and their white clam pizza truly is one of my favorite and most satisfying pizza I've ever eaten, but I can't remember the last time that I went there? Maybe Pepe's lost some of it's aura for me when they expanded statewide and became accessible to the common-folk who read national articles for food suggestions? Those of us who got lost trying to find Wooster Street without GPS or a cell phone?

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