I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of warnings these days regarding DUIs and DWIs. I just saw a public service announcement on our local news, and even passed an electronic road sign warning of the hazards this morning. With Saint Patty’s Day weekend underway, the message must be delivered. It got me to thinking -- is Connecticut at the top of the list with the nation’s most DWI offenders? The answer is No.

According to BackgroundChecks.Org we’re at the bottom portion of the list. (Whew). Connecticut is ranked number 39, out of the 50 US states. Massachusetts landed at 49, and New York had the least at number 50.

They say the amount of infractions is indeed rising in America. The trend is worrisome. What state has the most? Believe it or not, Wyoming is number one on the list. Next comes North Dakota, then South Dakota. Click here to see the whole list.

Every year, we get a reminder from Saint Patrick himself, that you’re better off dialing under the influence for a ride, than driving under the influence.

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