There is a Youtube channel called "The Guy Who Sings About Cities and Towns." On October 18, 2015 that "guy" posted this video to that Youtube channel and it's called "New Milford is a Town in CT, U.S.A." 

When I found the video on 7/22/20, it had 152 views and that is a criminally low number for such a magical piece of music. I'm not alone in my love for this song, one comment from "Dev" read, "this is talent". Another by the name of "banjo" remarked; "this is top notch," there were no other comments.

The lyrics are terrible, the execution is so poor and his voice is God awful. I could not love this piece of garbage anymore than I do. Sometimes, just making something for the sake of making it, is where brilliance is born.

I'm pretty sure I will now start each and every Ethan and Lou Morning Show day with "New Milford is a Town in CT, U.S.A."  If other radio stations follow in our footsteps, this song could slide right onto the Billboard Hot 100 and that would be well deserved.

I am calling on New Milford Mayor Pete Bass to have this song played every weekday morning on The Green to kickoff the workday and I encourage all New Milford businesses and organizations to do the same. If you are a resident of New Milford and don't play it everyday, I'm pretty sure you hate your town. You should probably pack your things and leave.

A song like this, only comes around once in a lifetime and it's time it gets the attention it deserves. New Milford, you have your official song to pair with your Town flag and your official Morning Show (Ethan & Lou on I-95). You are welcome.

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