Seinfeld was a show that changed TV forever. It makes sense that Seinfeld fans are more than capable of changing the world. One of those fans has changed the world, with the "Seinfeld garage."

Recently, we went to see my sister Renee and my Brother in-law Bryan. After everyone got settled, Bryan said "I have to show you something." I followed him and was introduced to the "Seinfeld Garage."

Photo: Lou Milano
Photo: Lou Milano

The concept is simple and brilliant, just like the show. He bought an inexpensive TV, hooked it up in his garage, set it to his streaming service and it runs on the show 24/7. Whenever he walks in his garage the show is playing.

He's never accomplished more from a residential/home improvement standpoint in his life. He wants to be in and around the garage, on his feet getting projects done and running into the show whenever possible.

He takes the garbage out, he's in Seinfeld, he changes the chain on his kids bikes, Seinfeld is on, he changes the mulch bag on the mower and again, Seinfeld. This is the dream, this is what we've all wanted for so long.

The challenge is convincing our loved ones who are not as obsessed to understand dedicating a TV on our streaming service to the garage and leaving it running all the time. That's the difficulty, you need to explain and convince that "on" is good and "off" is always bad.

If you turn it off, you are inevitably going to do a productive activity without enjoying Seinfeld. Who would think to turn on a TV, find your favorite show, pick the right episode and be productive? No one, no one is the answer. It needs to run on a loop, forever like in a museum. When I first saw that he made this possible. I pointed at him and said, "You're Batman!" He replied, "Yeah, yeah, I am Batman."

The difference between a museum TV and a Seinfeld Garage TV is, you want to watch this one. Kudos Bryan! You have pulled off what so many men could not. This is the future, "Seinfeld Garages." The "Seinfeld Garage," No TV Guide required.

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