Winners never quit and quitters never win.

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That is what they say, right? Unless you're talking about drugs, booze and maybe even porn. If you quit those because you have a problem, you are a winner.

What makes this country special is that we all strive to be better, to improve our minds and our bodies. If you needed any proof that this is who we are, consider this, according to Market Watch, the average American spends over $143,000 in their life on self-help products.

To be better, healthier versions of ourselves, we could all stand to quit something. So, a new study set out to see what people are striving to give up in each state. Gallus Medical conducted the study by analyzing Google Search data. They were able to come up with a variety of interesting findings but the major players were the same. The 10 major things Americans are looking to quit this year are:

1 - Alcohol

2 - Tobacco

3 - Pornography

4 - Nail Biting

5 - Cannabis

6 - Sugar

7 - Caffeine

8 - Gambling

9 - Junk Food

10 - Social Media

Gallus Medical
Gallus Medical

The top vice Connecticut residents were looking to ditch was.......SUGAR.

Gallus Medical
Gallus Medical

Sugar was also the top answer in many other states, the most popular around the country. Good luck to us all because there are more delicious treats available everyday. I say, we stay fat, quit social media and at least we can reduce the instances of wrong-way driving in the state which are out of control. It will also reduce the number of people blindly walking into street signs.

P.S. The clue was in the headline: "Big Daddy" = SUGAR Daddy

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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