According to the News Times and many others, you can get 50% off on a new crib at IKEA. All you need to do is be a pregnant woman, who is not sure they are pregnant. You then pee on their ad running in magazines all over the place. The ad itself is a pregnancy test. If the ad says your pregnant you sign up for their loyalty rewards program thing and your in. Here's a video about it (no one actually pees in the video):

Somehow, you redeem this urine soaked ad in person at the IKEA store. It's not immediately clear how that is done, but I'd hate to be the cashier who has to handle a bunch of strangers' pee. I guess you find out when you sign up for the program.

It all sounds great, I guess. That's if you have no problem finding the ad, peeing on it, going online to sign up for the program, redeeming a pee soaked ad, and telling your child years from now how you found out they were coming into the world. But hey, savings are savings, am I right?

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