There is, of course, the regret that comes with NOT hiring Ethan and Lou's Dance Machine. What were you thinking? No one bosses the dance floor like we do. But what else would you change about your wedding?

Did your best girlfriend sleep with all the groomsmen? Did your sister get drunk and tell you that you are the favorite in the family? Did your uncle fart on the cake?

My wife and I decided to keep things really small. We got married at Town hall, we had a party at Lakeside Pub a month later. We were just small and weird. We wanted our friends and family to have a good time.

As more time goes on, Erica wants her wedding. She deserves it, no doubt. But now she wants to have wedding ceremonies that might not fit. For instance, Erica wants a Greek Orthodox wedding. We are neither Greek or Orthodox, so that might be a problem.

I don't care how we profess our love to God and humanity. I do, however, want her to know that I care about what she wants. So, how can an Italian/Irish Catholic give a Dominican Catholic a Greek/Catholic wedding?

What my girl wants she gets. How would you do your wedding over?

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