If you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and you are not Irish, you are of course welcome to. But if you were not Irish in February, you are not going to be in March. I know it's a completely harmless saying but I don't like it.

I was going to go on and on about how this bothers me as an Irish person but I'm not even Irish. I'm of Irish decent, part of me. Everyone wants to be "in" on everything. Sometimes you are not part of something and that's OK. Everyone does not need to be part of everything.

I'm not German during Oktoberfest, I'm not Brazilian during Carnival and YOU are NOT Irish on St. Patrick's Day, unless of course, ya know, you're Irish.

Now onto the more important matter, why does stuff like this bother me? I don't really know. My wife says I should talk to a professional about it. She says these are people who get paid to listen to nonsense and are less likely to ask me to please leave.

I know eventually these types of things will catch up to me. More likely, when I am much older I'll grab onto one of my many pet peeves and make it my whole life. I'll end up outside of a "Wegman's" somewhere screaming at unsuspecting shoppers, delivering a speech on an issue no one cares about, drinking "hooch" out of "Mountain Dew" can. That could hurt me.

If you would like to hear more about how you are NOT Irish on St. Patrick's Day, join Ethan and I tomorrow at Murphy's Pub. Murphy's Pub is on Route 25 in Newtown, CT and we will be there starting at 6pm. We will have giveaways and there will be live music from "The Mix." Get it up in ya'!


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