Tonight the Yankees start a four game series with the Boston Red Sox at home in the Bronx. This is the last time the two teams will meet this year in the regular season. The Bombers are five and half games back of the Red Sox for first place in the American League East.

To close that gap before the season ends they need to take at least three of four. If they do not, they are simply competing for a Wild Card spot the rest of the way. Sure, the Red Sox could cool off and the Yankees heat up all at the same time but based on what we have seen this year, that is probably not going to happen.

It's now or never. Winning the division is important. If you are lucky enough to get a Wild Card spot you go into the playoffs at a huge disadvantage. Just win these 4 games, sweep the thing and put the heat on Boston now.

Before the season started if you told me the Yankees would be in the position they are I would have been delighted. After seeing this team play and the talent it has, anything but winning the East would be a disappointment in my book.

P.S. Next time you get in a fight, please have it be with the Red Sox. It was entertaining last week though.

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