I mean meatloaf -- he could be meatloaf.

Why you say? Well, if you have not heard the Donald Trump/Chris Christie meatloaf story, I can break it down for you. Christie is Trump's guest at the White House for dinner, Trump says, "Everyone order what you want. Chris and I are having the meatloaf." Classic aggression right there.

So he could be meatloaf, but what else?

  • Cracker - You know, because he is white.
  • Nut - Well, I just knew many of you would say it and I wanted to beat you to the punch.
  • Kumquat - Because of reasons. Immature ones.
  • Durian - This is a rancid tasting and exotic fruit that you can easily find in the Philippines.
  • Cheap tacos - Because when you are done ingesting them, you get sick.

What food do you think Donald Trump would be? We will be talking about this tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou Show. Share your answers here and we will read them tomorrow.

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