This was no surprise!

As we continue chasing weather after weather reports, my wife Mindy and I decided we needed to be proactive just in case our power in New Fairfield was knocked out due to the impending ice invasion. The following photo illustrates our survival strategy.


As I compose this blog at 11:30 am on Sunday morning, I'm keeping my eye on NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) better know as Beginning at 1 pm, we begin our roller coaster ride into the deep freeze. Today between 1 pm and 10 pm, the temperature will plummet from 36 degrees to 11 degrees. By 7 am on Monday morning the temperature should be resting at around 3 degrees above zero. Here's NOAA's forecast for greater Danbury which is under a WINTER STORM WARNING which includes significant icing.

** Sunday Afternoon - Chance of freezing rain with additional ice accumulation of a tenth of an inch with highs in the mid-'30s...

** Sunday Evening - Much colder with lows around 2 above and wind chills as low as -14 below zero...This means any moisture including standing water or puddles on roads and driveways will FLASH FREEZE which pretty you will be walking or driving on an ice skating rink.

** Monday Morning - Mostly Sunny with highs around 12 and wind chills as low as 17 below.....  Bradley says, "Remember to dress warm everyone!"

Bradley - Nov '16
Ethan's grandson, Bradley


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