Recently, Ice Cube claimed Mister Rogers once sued him over copyright issues according to Billboard. Over the weekend Cube was hosting a digital listening party of  "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" while celebrating the album's 30 year anniversary. Between songs he'd tell stories about each track and while discussing the song "A Gangsta's Fairytale" he claimed that Mister Rogers sued him for sampling the theme to "Mister Rogers Neighborhood."

So if what Cube says is true there was a time period where Mister Rogers was making royalty money off an Ice Cube record. WHAT!? The last few months on Earth has been unrecognizable to me. First COVID, then Kellogg's changes Toucan Sam into a monster and now this. Can you picture it? Mister Rogers rolling around in piles of Cube cash in his slippers? This kind of information is enough to convince me the aliens are no doubt on their way here or will crawl out of the crust of the Earth from underneath us any day.

It's good news for Ice Cube fans that have their hands on an early pressing of the record. I'd imagine that if you have a copy of the song with the illegally sampled Mister Rogers theme song on it, you could sell it on the E-bay and get some dough back for it. It's just like the early pressings of the Lynyrd Skynyrd album "Street Survivors" album where the band was engulfed in flame. Those copies are out there but they are not a dime a dozen. You can probably make weekend drinking money selling that at minimum.

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