And then there were two...Seinfeld and All in the Family.

When I started this process in March, I was delighted with myself for setting a really quality field of 32 of the greatest shows of all time. I took into consideration many factors to develop the list like ratings, critical acclaim, awards and where my memory failed I did the necessary research. Once I had the list of shows, I seeded the field and we got the competition live for all of you to vote and I thought to myself, this is going to be a lot of fun.

It has not been fun. I have encountered a perfect s--- storm of B.S. Facebook algorithm nonsense, people with terrible taste stuffing the ballot box and folks who don't understand that writing their favorite show in the comments section on Facebook does not count as an official vote. This has been anything but fun, it's been obnoxious.

I can make all the excuses I want like you are all lazy, hate democracy or simply are too dumb to know how to vote in a website poll but at the end of the day this is my dog of a series and I can't wait to kill it in the backyard. So vote, don't vote, what the hell do I care!?

It's fun to tell people exactly what is in your head, right? What I wrote up there IS how I feel and saying things like that publicly brings me great joy. That's why I love and appreciate shows like Seinfeld and All in the Family. The shows were controversial, presented characters who were honest, relatable and neither show pulled any punches. I can't think of an episode of either show where there was not a big laugh or a real chance taken. This is probably the Final showdown everyone expected and wanted so maybe I am happy with it.

How it all started:


There were some conspiracy theorists insisting I rigged the vote so here are screen shots of the results the day we closed the voting on the Final Four (5/6/20).

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