We started out with a field of 32 of the most watched and critically acclaimed television shows of all-time and thanks to your votes the field is narrowed down to four shows. Which two shows will climb into the finals? That all depends on how you vote.

Throughout the process it seems I seriously undervalued and or did not take Mash as seriously as I should have. Mash not only beat Cheers to reach the Final Four, it made it in with a pretty wide margin. That was the surprise in this tournament and any good tournament has at least one. The rest of the Final Four is "chalk" and exactly how I saw this playing out. I know what results I'm rooting for but I look forward to see how you will vote and how this will end.

For your reference, here is what the opening round bracket looked like:


P.S. I was too kind up top, what are you people watching? How did Mash make the Final Four? There are two other shows that could/should be there in it's place, Cheers and The Honeymooners. Y'all need to take a good long look in the mirror and reflect on your lives because something is not right.

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