The internet challenges are a revolving door of dangerous and stupid. There was the "Kiki Challenge" where people would dance to the Drake song by the same name and "ghost ride" their vehicles. That means the car would be moving with no driver because the driver was dancing.

We had the "Cinnamon Challenge" where people were trying to put down a spoon full of cinnamon. They had issues and it turns out, trying to do this is medically unsafe.

The list goes on and on. Every time I hear that there is a new challenge, I get annoyed and dismissive. Then on Monday I read about a new internet challenge that has me hopeful for the future. I read about the "Koala Challenge." To do this one you have to have two participants who are in great shape. If you do the results are fun to look at.

Here are a few who got it right:

If you have done this or have plans to do this please send it to us and we will share it like it's hot. Amen for fitness.

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