I once wore a t-shirt to work that simply said "updog" on it in the studio. It took about three minutes for Ethan to ask "what is updog?" I then replied, "nothing, what's up with you?" Then I laughed and laughed and laughed.

There was also the time I took his cell phone from him when he was out of the room. I hid it in the drop ceiling above his head and called it over and over for an hour. He went BANANAS. Of course, I stole both ideas from the TV show The Office. I was confident he had never seen those episodes, and that even if he had, he would forget.

My new game, I came up with myself. In this game, I work a song lyric into conversation and get him to ask me what the hell I am doing, and I get him good. Here is the one I did this morning:

This song now has even more meaning to the Ethan and Lou Show. Those who have listened to us for years know this is the song I used to make my parody tune, "Mow the Lawn." That's the song where I sing about Ethan mowing his lawn and it is hot fire. Can't play it here due to obvious copyright infringement issues.

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