The Ragu company either had, or has a rewards program, I am still learning, everyday. Why can't I figure out if they still have the program? It's two-fold, one, if you search Ragu Rewards a website shows up that is password protected. 

Part two is that I am not willing to dig any further than I already have and that is pretty far, given my attention span.

Whether or not the company still has it's rewards program up and running, there still seems to be a thriving community of humans buying, selling and trading their rewards items online.

Etsy for instance, has a set of 3, ten inch bowls for sale, for the low, low price of "sold." Worth Point also has a set of 4, seven and a half inch bowl for sale for the low price of "sold." Finally, ebay has a set of Ragu Rewards 3 piece white kitchen canister set for sale for $29.99. This information begs so many questions, questions like:

  • Why is the truth behind the Ragu Rewards program so elusive?
  • What is wrong with humanity?
  • How the hell are free bowls and canisters selling-out online?
  • Why am I not producing low level bowls with a picture of a tomato in the center as an ancillary product to not so great food?

It's time for me, to once and for all, fleece the American public into believing that I am providing them with a product or service that is awesome, when it's so obviously not that awesome. Everyone else is getting away with murder, when is it my turn?

P.S. I am in the market for a Ragu Rewards set of any kind. If some regular Joe can sell three canisters for $30, I can lie my ass off and sell them for $50. Let me know... 

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