It's pretty rare to see the beauty of Nature here in Connecticut. We're not known for our vast, open stretches of flat land, or our beautiful seaside views of the brown/green Long Island Sound. For a very brief moment though, in just a few short weeks, a large portion of Preston, Connecticut will bloom into one of the most breathtaking spectacles that Mother Nature can muster up.

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Get your Galaxy, iPhone, and social media accounts ready, Preston, Connecticut's Wicked Tulip Farm has just announced their tentative opening date for 2024. If you've gotten lost in a painting of Monet's tulips, you can do it for real right here in Connecticut next month. Wicked Tulip Farm claims that over 1.5 million tulips have been planted for the 2024 season, and they've announced an estimated opening date for their Exeter, Rhode Island location of April 5, 2024. 20 days later on April 25, 2024, the Preston, Connecticut and Johnston, Rhode Island Wicked Tulip Farms are estimated to open up for business.

Wicked Tulip Farm has dubbed the opening of the 2024 season as 'Countdown to Tuliptime', where each Wicked Tulip Farm location will feature hundreds of thousands of over 75 varieties of tulips. The great part? You can pick your own as you stroll the grounds. It's a ticketed event, 10 tulips are included with each admission, but you can pick as many as you would like for an additional $1 a stem. Here's a video posted in March 2023 about the Exeter, Rhode Island location's opening.

If you'd like more info about the opening date for Wicked Tulip Farm's 2024 season, click HERE.

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