Access Health CT just recently announced their open enrollment program to purchase or renew health insurance plans.

Access Health's goal is to make it as easy as possible to purchase a new health plan or renew an existing plan. Open enrollment goes from Nov.1 to Dec.15 This is what Access Health CEO, James Michel said about their open enrollment:

We are making it easier for customers to shop and compare plans that take into account their doctors, perscription drugs, and medical needs by goin g to our site and clicking on the Corporate Plans link.

I personally spoke with Gina, Access Health's Brand Manager about how to choose the best health care plan that works for you. There's a ton of information to digest if you simply go to their website at

I recommend you take advantage of their "In-Person Help for 2019 Open Enrollment.' At their Enrollment Centers, you'll be able to meet enrollment specialists who are knowledgeable about all their plans and what they provide. On the Access Health CT website, there's also a new shopping tool that even lets you compare all the different plans.

If you still have questions, they can help you find a Certified Broker to help you and your family select a health care plan. If you have any type of question or you need a recommendation, call 1-855-805-4325. 

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