You want to have fun AND avoid cuffs this weekend? Here are my tips for surviving St. Patrick's Day on a Friday in CT:

  • Take the Uber - With so many ride options available there's no excuse for not getting a ride.
  • Have a spotter - For the guys, you want to have a buddy who keeps you OUT of fights at all cost. For the ladies, you need your spotter to keep you from peeing in the street (I've seen a lot of ladies pee in the street on St. Paddy's Day for some reason).
  • Start early finish early - If you start at 10 am and you wanna go home at 6 pm that is a reasonable feeling. Trust your gut and go home. Despite what your buddies say, you won't miss anything. Well, maybe you will miss one of them in a drunken make-out session right before last call.
  • When the bouncer tells you to leave you beer inside, listen to them. This is not your time to challenge your state's laws about carrying alcohol outside the bar. I have tried having this debate after 10 pints, you will lose.
  • Don't assume what you saw or hear is what you saw or heard. Meaning a lot of fights today start with a misunderstanding. Chances are, what you think you heard or saw is not real, because you had 1,000 beers.

If you want to ignore these tips, by all means go ahead, but I speak from experience.

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