Ethan and Grand Daughter, Winter

How could it possibly be, that I, a proud grandfather of two, forgot about National Grandparents Day?

Becoming a first time grandfather on March 15, 2014 when Bradley was born, meant discovering a brand new definition to the word, 'Love.' There is only one way to attain this new dimension of love and that's when one of your children has a child of their own.

Bradley's Introduction to Blowing Bubbles

As Mindy and I met our first grandchild, Bradley, the flood of emotions and memories overwhelmed us as we recalled the joys and memories when she gave birth to Bradley's father, Matthew. To be able to witness your adult child interacting with their first born is a gift only a grandparent can experience.

Bradley and Papa in the I-95 air studio

We are blessed to be able to live only 20 minutes from Matt and Kelly which means we get the opportunity to see Bradley and Winter on a regular basis. We're known to Bradley as Mimi and Papa, names we chose to be called. There is absolutely nothing like getting a huge smile and a "Hi Papa" whenever he walks in for a visit. Please indulge me as I show you Bradley's first walking steps:

One of the joys of being a 'Mimi and a Papa' is getting that call to babysit. Whenever we get the call from Matt, we drop whatever we have planned to be with the grandkids. Late nights, overnights, it doesn't matter. Mindy and I love them to pieces but speaking for other grandparents all over the world, there is nothing like handing them back over to their mom and dad after babysitting for 3 hours. National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. Yes, this was just an excuse to show-off my beautiful grandkids.