According to several reports from last week, three New Haven Middle School students and a high school student were hospitalized last week after ingesting what is said to be edibles.

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Reports came at us from everywhere including Fox 61, News 8 WTNH, The New Haven Register, Fox News, and others telling us that there were three eighth graders and one high school student involved in this particular incident. The middle school students were from Bishop Woods School and the high schooler was from Hillhouse High School. Hillhouse was on a brief lockdown due to some police activity in the area and that is when the high school student was discovered, according to the Fox 61 report.  All four students were taken to local hospitals and their parents were notified and classes went on as usual.

The students all consumed what is reported to be "edibles", or candies infused with cannabis or some other drug. The police confiscated the candies for further evaluation, but at publication, they were thought to be infused with cannabis. This leads us to the point of this article...protect your stash! I know that the adult-only use of cannabis is a no-brainer, but you have to admit, the packaging can be very deceiving and easily confused by a "hungry-for-sweets" kid. Check this pic out directly from the Connecticut Attorney General's Office.

Office of the CT Attorney General
Office of the CT Attorney General

I know you can't protect your children from everyone else's behavior or other parents for that matter, but at least you can cover your own bases. Ironically, this incident in New Haven came just one day after the Governor of Connecticut sent out a press release launching a Responsible Cannabis Consumption Campaign. I believe any responsible adult who consumes cannabis edibles will have a way of keeping them from their children, but of course, if you need help with that, there are helpful brochures. Brochures directly from with information and illustrations that look like the ones on the "No Running" posters on the side of the public pool.

Never fear, the Connecticut Government is here! They have a handy dandy brochure to help with Accidental Cannabis Ingestion, especially when a child is involved. For me, I would just be riding it out, but I am a veteran when it comes to this stuff.

They also have one for safely storing your cannabis. This would have come in handy for a friend of mine who found his freshly purchased ounce of brick weed scattered all over the yard by his roommate's crazy terrier. It was all on him, he just left it out on a coffee table in the middle of the living room. Anyway, here is's brochure and you gotta give them credit for these suggestions...

Last but not least, if you find cannabis that you absolutely do not want, the State of Connecticut has this suggestion for you...

Seriously though, if somehow you come into possession of high-quality cannabis that you just do not want, call Large Dave or myself, we will take care of it for you. The bottom line is, be careful out there with your weed. Cannabis is not for children, make sure you keep yours safe and away from the younglings. Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me again kids, and see you again really soon.

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