According to Yahoo, Hooters will change their uniform to make for a more family friendly atmosphere. Reportedly, the uniforms will now feature longer skirts, higher necklines and thicker stockings.

Why? This is so dumb. This is what they are doing with Las Vegas. The last time I was in Vegas was ten years ago, and even back then, I could tell they were doing everything possible to make the place more attractive to families and children.

Can't we have anything? Everything is for kids and kid-friendly now. As a parent, I would like there to be a few places where I know I can get away from any and all children. Those days are coming to an end. In the past, it was safe to assume if you went to Hooters, you were not going to run into any crying babies, but that's going bye-bye and it sickens me.

I want to go eat chicken wings, steal a few boob glances, and help put a real hot chick through college. Where can I do that now? Nowhere, that's where.

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