In a story that reads like the ending of a movie on the Hallmark Channel, a Connecticut boy's Christmas wish was delivered in truly heartwarming fashion.

According to, Logan, a 17-year-old with special needs from Southington, had been continuously asking his mother, Tiffany Gillis, for the Southington High School marching band. Gillis said she explained to her son that "elves only make toys."

But then, thanks to two local parents, Tracie Stanton and Casie Messina, the school band caught wind of Logan's special wish and made his Christmas dream come true.

As the band assembled down the street from Tiffany and Logan's home, the Southington PD blocked off the street. From there, the band marched down the road, set up shop in front of Logan and began to play songs like "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," much to the delight of the 17-year-old.

In a social media post on Christmas Eve, Logan's mom Tiffany wrote:

I am so amazed at the kindness and love that was shown to my son today! Thank you to the Southington High School Marching Band and their parents, for making my sons Christmas wish come true!!!! A big thank you to Tracie Light Stanton and Casie Kennedy Messina for making this happen!!! Thank to his teachers, paras and some of the other school faculty came out as well to show love and support today for Logan.

Here is some video footage of the heartwarming performance from

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