What does a dozen roses cost, like $43,000? You spend all that money, give the gift of slow death and all you are saying is, "I really did not think about you at all this year." I give you the salami bouquet from Hickory Farms and it runs like $50. That's right, it's a meat tree and it comes in a gift box and the person getting it from you will be delighted.

You wanna win hearts and minds? You show up and present your loved one with a box filled with enough cured meat to sedate a horse. You might be saying, "my significant other does not like salami, what do I do? You dump them because they have zero taste and seriously flawed judgement. It's a matter of time before they are sleeping with their yoga instructor behind your back.

While I am giving the nod to Hickory Farms for their meat based market place vision, I was surprised to learn that they are not the only meat bouquet game in town. These things are everywhere on the Google machine. If someone who has a better visual aesthetic gets their hands on this idea, you will see them slice the salami thin and craft it into little meat flowers to delight both your belly and eye. New business idea, edible meat arrangements, "our meats are prettier than yours."

Hickory Farms
Hickory Farms

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