Ho-Ho-Ho, Santa here! I realize that some of you may not get to see me in person this Christmas, so I have a tremendous idea.

My trusty elves up here at the North Pole have been working on a way that your Christmas wish-lists can get to me quickly. Now I know many of you have already mailed me your wish-lists, but with Xmas just around the corner, it's crunch time here at the North Pole! My chief elf in charge, Marty McJingles has designed a website just for you so that you're able to keep in touch with me, Santa Claus! All you have to do is click on, but only if it's OK with your mom or dad.

There's a bunch of cool things that you can do on my website too. To make sure I receive your Christmas wish list, call this number, 910-44-SANTA. I won't be able to speak to you personally because the elves have me on a strict work schedule.  At the beep, slowly leave me your Xmas wishlist. You can also email me at and even check the weather at the North Pole anytime you want. My favorite feature on is the chance for you to track my sleigh on Christmas Eve to find out where I've visited and where I'm heading to next.

Remember before you click on my website, make sure you get permission from mom and dad first. I almost forgot to mention that Mrs. Claus is worried about my cholesterol, so if some of you could leave me a small veggie platter instead of cookies it would be appreciated. The Director of Reindeer Operations, Elf Victor told me to let you know that my reindeer absolutely love carrots, especially Blitzen. MERRY CHRISTMAS boys and girls!

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