According to TMZ Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal Harris says she was right by his side at the end, went to all doctor's appointments and did her best to keep his spirits high. I'll bet she did. I'd never question that.

I will also bet she prayed for him to die on more than one occasion. When she married him she was 26 and he was 86. Who could question the devotion of a relationship with a 60 year age gap and an old man with a metric "F" ton of money? I certainly would not.

I talk to ladies all the time. I know how much they love near death men. I hear ladies all the time saying that  the only thing really missing in their lives is an old bag of bones hopped up on Viagra summoning them to his chambers for sex.

What else could a woman ask for? You have a 1 million year old guy in pajamas and a captain's hat who wants to watch really old movies and have sex all the time. That's what every hot, young woman craves.

If you don't think she cried daily and prayed to be over you need to "get bent."

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