Maybe, just maybe, we will get to hear "Play Ball" after all in Hartford.

It's not that I don't want the players to be able to actually play on their home field. It's not that I'm totally bitter about the team leaving New Britain for Hartford, maybe a wee bit, but not totally! I've just blogged about the stadium in Hartford, or lack there of, over and over, because it makes me sad for the team and lovers of the game, that the opening of Dunkin' Donuts stadium in Hartford has been dragged through the mud.

Now, despite a story covered in about Connecticut's capital city, Hartford, expecting to have a loss of at least five-million-dollars over the next two years on its investment in minor league baseball, the Hartford Yard Goats are set to finally play ball on home turf.

The $71 million Dunkin' Donuts stadium is abuzz with the news of the team taking the field on April 13 for their first ever game at home. The team has released its opening day roster and according the line up includes two of the Colorado Rockies top ten prospects.

You can read about the team members and all of their stats on the Yard Goats website.

Bottom line, as much as the building of the stadium turned into a nightmare, these young players are often rising stars that deserve their due. They deserve the thrill of playing on their home field. They deserve the excitement of fans cheering them on in Dunkin' Donuts Park. To buy tickets online, and for more information go to

My wish is that the worst of the building of the ballpark fiasco will be a distant memory once the team steps onto the field.

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