Remember Kevin Dineen and the Hartford Whalers?

The Whalers packed it in and headed to North Carolina back in 1997, and we just can't seem to let them go. It could be the fact that the Whalers have been Connecticut's one and only major league sports team which, I think, is very sad. File this one under, "Better late than never."

According to the Hartford Courant, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles have made Hartford Whalers commemorative license plates available to the public for $60, and the best part of all, $45 of that $60 will go directly towards new equipment for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

So why did the Hartford Whalers become the Raleigh Hurricanes back in '97? It was due to lack of a corporate sponsorship and not enough people attending Whaler games. It always comes down to the bottom line, money, and there just wasn't enough of it to sustain a major league hockey team here in Connecticut. There's been talk of bringing the Whalers back to Connecticut but can a major league sports franchise survive when it's between Boston and New York City?

If you long for the days of the Hartford Whalers and would like to financially support the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, click this link to begin the process of ordering your Hartford Whalers vanity license plates. If there ever comes a time when bringing back the Hartford Whalers becomes a possibility, you're not going anywhere with a mascot named 'Pucky!' Come on Connecticut, we can do better!

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