Are you proud that Hartford is the Capital of Connecticut? Is Hartford everything you envision the very best of what Connecticut can be? It's absolutely got the best skyline that Connecticut has to offer, but compared to the other 50 State Capitals across the US? Hartford has been ranked among the worst in all of America for 2024.

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Get our free mobile app has just published their list of Best & Worst State Capitals to Live In for 2024, and they've ranked Hartford, Connecticut at #46 out of the 50. For this study, WalletHub compared all 50 State Capitals across 48 key indicators, among them: Home affordability, economic well-being, quality of life, education, health care, and crime rate. Hartford bottomed out on a few key indicators, actually coming in at #50 for Median Household Income(Adjusted for Cost of Living) for 2024. The best city in the USA in this category? Austin, Texas, where residents earn exactly twice as much annually, compared to Hartford.

Hartford landed at #48 out of all 50 states in two other categories: Affordability, and Economic well-being, yet landed as the #15 best overall when ranked for Quality of Life. Only one State Capital in New England landed in the Top 10 for 2024 - Concord, New Hampshire landed at #10. Montpellier, Vermont was #17, Boston, Massachusetts was ranked #20, Providence, and Rhode Island at #25. Only one State Capital in all of New England was ranked lower than Hartford at #46, Augusta, Maine came in at #49, just edging out the Worst State Capital in all of the US for 2024 according to WalletHub - #50 - Trenton, New Jersey.

The Top 3? #1 - Austin, Texas, #2 - Madison, Wisconsin, and #3 - Raleigh, North Carolina.

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