A new study has confirmed something that most of us in Connecticut already knew -  Hartford is home to some of the worst drivers in America.

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According to Consumeraffairs.com, Hartford, Connecticut has landed at #16 on their list of 'Cities with the Worst Drivers in America in 2023'. Surprised? I'm not, but I am surprised that Hartford was not only the lone Connecticut entry, it was the only city in all of New England to make their list.

How did they determine that Hartford is among the worst when it comes to American cities with the worst drivers? The research team at Consumer Affairs based their methodology on crash data collected from the US D.O.T. from American cities with populations of over 100,000. They factored in the number of car crash fatalities, deaths due to positive blood alcohol content, added in the number of fatalities due to speeding, and came up with a "Crash score". Hartford averaged 15.8 'Bad driving fatal crashes' per 100,000 citizens, 14.1 'Total car crash fatalities' per 100,000 citizens, 3.3 Fatalities due to positive blood alcohol content per 100,000, and 8.3 fatalities due to speeding per 100,000 citizens. Hartford ranked in the Top 20 in America at #16. The American city that landed at #1? Memphis, Tennessee. Most of the Top 20 cities are in the Midwest and South, the closest city with the crappiest drivers to Connecticut? Cleveland and Detroit at #6 & #7.

I would have guessed Bridgeport or New Haven as the Connecticut city with the worst drivers, or even Stamford, but there are so many more routes into and out of Hartford via 84, 91, Rt 2, or Rt. 5/15.

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