This morning I went to "Google Trends" like I do everyday to see what people are searching for. The #2 search as of 9:00 am was "Love Quotes." This means most of the world is looking to steal someone else's beautiful expression of love and pass it off as their own.

Don't do that man. Instead of taking stupid Valentine's Day so seriously, you can instead make a fun game out of it with your significant other. The game works like this, you simply send them a message that is a quote from a cheesy love movie. Then, they have to match it with another.

You go back and forth like that all day until someone runs out. The person who can't come up with one more is a loser and has to do the dishes tonight.This will not only keep you in communication with your "lover" all day but is likely to spark a memory from your relationship and bring you closer.

Stupid holiday fixed. You are welcome. 

P.S. "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." That's from "The Notebook" and it's the cheesiest and best line ever from these kinds of movies. Use this quote to start the game and expect "You complete me" in return. 

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

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