The Hamden man who confessed to killing his mother appeared in court today, Monday, June 11 and what he said is absolutely terrifying!

According to WFSB, Kyle Tucker told the judge that he hit his mother with a baseball bat and then burned her body in a firepit. Here is what he told investigators during his confession:

God got into my body and walked me downstairs with my baseball bat and it was very quick and almost hard to remember. I don't feel like it was totally my mind and body doing anything. It was god walking through me.

He also told investigators that his mother had been trying to kill him over the last several years by poisoning his food and placing parasites in his bed. Investigators also discovered that an urn had been purchased from Donna Tucker's Amazon Prime account.

Kyle Tucker has battled mental illness for many years and has been hospitalized on several occasions. One of the Tucker's neighbors had been quoted as saying,

It just goes to show you don't know who, what, where, or when. That's why you always need to be prepared.

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