Raise your hand if you watch Hallmark. It doesn't matter if it's only during the holidays or you're all about the mysteries, Hallmark is a media giant most of us can get behind and one of the best things is how many take place around New England.

From Maine and New Hampshire to classic Connecticut and trips to Boston for some of the characters or ski-bound vacations to Vermont, New England reigns even if the filming is in Canada for the most part.

Men even get caught up in the movies whether it's a guilty pleasure or because their partners or daughters are watching. By the way, I'm not trying to be sexist, rather Hallmark admittedly is geared toward the female demographic just like all television shows and movies' general approach.

Anyway, according to TVInsider, two of Hallmark Media's channels are getting facelifts so to speak, and changing their names and logos.

On February 28, Hallmark Drama is changing its name to Hallmark Family. So what does this mean for our favorite TV series and movies?  It means that all shows and movies will be wholesome viewing for the entire family centered around faith, love, and community according to TVInsider.

If you're a bit confused like me on what exactly that description means, I guess we'll just have to watch and see. I hope they air shows inclusive of all families gay and straight, mixed race, divorced, and all religions.

Hallmark has always spoken in support of all family units and inclusivity as well as had movies and shows depicting such.

Meanwhile, on March 6, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will simply remove the word movies and just be called Hallmark Mystery with a fresh, new look while entertaining us with cozy mysteries.

I can get behind this 100% because this way we always know it's a who-dun-it and not some random movie. Mysteries are everyone's favorite on this channel anyway.

As for the Christmas and Holiday-focused movies, those will continue across the board on all of the channels including the third channel, Hallmark Channel, staying as is with a mix of shows and movies.

Phew, looks like we're good.

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